3.2 Set up your EventApp (White-Label)


This User Guide takes you through all the fundamentals of the EventCMS. You will learn how to customize and design your own EventApp & Event Website.


1) Apple Developer Account

2) Getting Started in the EventCMS

3) Go through the Event Quick Start Wizard

4) Customize your app

5) Submit the wizard

6) Configure your races


1) Apple Developer Account

Create an Apple Developer Account.

! This process can take up to 8 weeks !

If you already have one, make sure your Apple Developer Account is ready and up to date.

! Make sure to check your Apple Developer Account before submitting the Wizard !


2) Getting started in the EventCMS

You need to have access to the EventCMS. If this is not the case, please contact your Account Manager.

You can create or copy a new event from your organization page. From here you enter to the Event Quick Start Wizard.

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To create a new app; go to your Organization Page:

  1. Copy an event or Create a new event.
  2. Choose for the option "feature an EventApp".



3) Go through the Event Quick Start Wizard

Once you're in the Event Quick Start Wizard you will need to fill out 4 sections:

Event Info: Basic information about the Event: Name, Location, Start time, Time zone, etc. (this information can be edited anytime in the CMS).

Race Setup: Select the features you want to have enabled in the App: Leaderboards, BibConnect, etc.
Add the race details (maps and race information can also be added in the CMS).

App Configuration: Configure how you want your app to be displayed in the App Stores.
! App Name & App Description CANNOT be changed after submission ! It is possible to change it in the CMS, it won't show in the app.

Design: Customize how the app will be displayed.
! The design CANNOT be changed after submission ! It is possible to change it in the CMS, it won't show in the app.


4) Customize your app

Event Config

You should've already filled in all the information via the Wizard, but if you need to edit it you can do that here:

  1. Go to Config > Event Config
  2. Edit Language, Time zone, Unit Systems and Timer Info
  3. Notice different Tabs
  4. Add Social Accounts
  5. Edit CTA dates and times

Event Config allows you to add or edit your configuration settings for basic App details, Social Media, Sponsor impression, Results and CTA button.

The Call to Action button (CTA) is located in your App’s home page header. You can furnish the URL to your Registration page; select timeframe you want to have it displayed > Timestamp the LiveTracking (no URL needed) and > change to Results add the URL of your results page. You can customize to different actions also

 Learn more about the Call-To-Action button.



Design your own EventApp & Website using the Design editor in the EventCMS.

! You CANNOT edit the design after submitting the wizard ! It is possible to change it in the CMS, it won't show in the app.



The App tiles shape content presentation in the home screen of your EventApp and title your Content.

  1. Go to Config > Tiles
  2. Customize Your App Tiles
  3. Create Custom Content
    Markdown Syntax Help
  4. Create Sponsor Tiles


Course map

Course Map allows you to add the route of your event:

This article describes how to create points of interest and guided tours.



Selfies allow the App user to take a Selfie picture using their phone or device camera and then post/share that picture anywhere! You may create up to 4 Selfie overlays.

See the article how to set up your selfie.


Push notifications

Keep fans, friends and family up to date with everything that is going on during your event. Send push messages about weather conditions, road blocks, sponsors, leaders in the race, expo information, etc.

Once the App is Published you can schedule the messages you want to send out. You can only schedule one week in advance. The maximum length of a message is 255 characters.

Send Push Notifications To All Your App Users!


Live Tracking & Registrations

Registrations must be imported to the CMS, so app users can find runners to track. You can do several imports to upload changes on your registrations.

For each record, use a stable and unique ID. If you change the unique ID for your second upload, all the participants people are following will be deleted from their phone.

To track athletes, select the ‘Live Tracking’ tile on the App select ‘Find a Participant’. Enter the name and click search. Once you identify your racer, select their name to add to your tracking list. Users can track up to 25 Athletes

  1. Set Up Your LiveTracking Webpage.
  2. Embed The LiveTracking Webpage Into A Website.
  3. How Many Timelines You Need To Run LiveTracking.

See our article Import Registration Data how to import your registrations to CMS.


Extra Features

If you want to set up extra features for your app, click here to see what extra features we have and how to set it up.

5) Submit the wizard

Submit the Wizard when the app is ready to be published.

  1. Go to your event
  2. Click on the Event Quick Start Wizard button on the right top corner
  3. Check if all information is filled in correctly
  4. Submit the Wizard


MYLAPS will send your App to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for approval.
! Keep in mind that the Wizard needs to be submitted at least 30 before the event date !

Your EventApp will be Published within 3 weeks from date of submission (if all guidelines have been met).

To see the guidelines you can consult our checklist.


App Build Status 

You can monitor your app status in the progress bar located in the top right corner of your Event Dashboard Page (go to your organization and click on the event).

mceclip1.png You did not complete the Event Quick Start Wizard and it has not been sent to us. Please complete the form.
mceclip2.png You completed the Event Quick Start Wizard. We received the form and we will start app submission.

Your EventApp is available in the App Stores.


6) Configure your races

To avoid any issues that we can't fix in time, it's important to make sure your event is completely configured before the actual race day. You can check this in the Timer Setup page of the CMS > Config > Timer Setup.

Consult our Timer Setup and Race Day Configurations knowledge base on how to configure it.

! Make sure your event is configured on Friday before race day at the latest !



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