1.4 Keep your Apple Developer Account up to date

Your account needs to be up to date for us to create/update your app.

Always make sure you check your Apple Developer Account when submitting the wizard, so we can get started right away.

We always do an extra update 2 weeks prior to the event, so your app is always on the latest version. Please make sure to check your Apple Developer Account as well.


1) Valid license agreement

2) Active membership

3) Admin rights


1) Valid license agreement

When a new version of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement (Unpaid Applications Agreement) is available for you to sign, you will be notified with an alert in App Store Connect. We will not be able to create a new app or update an existing app until you have agreed to the most recent version of the License Agreement.

To update your agreement:

  1. Go to "Agreements" in the App Store Connect.
  2. View and agree to the terms.

2) Active membership

Every year your membership to the Apple Developer Account will expire. If your Apple Developer Program membership expires, your apps will no longer be available for download and we will not be able to submit new apps or do updates.

You can manually renew your membership every year or choose to auto-renew your membership yearly. To enable auto-renew, go to your Developer Account. For more information about auto-renewal click here.


To update your membership:

  1. Go to your Apple Developer Account.
  2. There will be an error message at the top of the page. Click the "Renew Membership" button.
  3. Your new membership will activate as soon as your current membership expires.

 3) Admin rights

Make sure you give MYLAPS the Admin role to your account. Only the Account Holder can change this.

  1. Go to Users and Access from the App Store Connect.
    The list of users in your App Store Connect account appears under People.
  2. Click on the "App Manager" user.
  3. Select the role "Admin" and save the page.


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