1.3 Enroll for the Apple Developer Program

Enrollment for an Apple Developer Account goes through Apple and there are 3 steps:

  1. Apple ID with two-factor authentication turned on
  2. Enroll as an organization for the program. You need: 
    • Legal Entity Status
    • A D-U-N-S Number
    • Legal Binding Authority
    • A Website
  3. Invite to AppStore Connect and grant access to developer resources

! Please keep in mind this process can take up to 8 weeks !

! Please be aware your White-Label App will be rejected unless they are submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content! This means Timers CANNOT submit an app on behalf of their customers, unless they submit a White-Label TimerApp and host their events in their own branded 'picker' model app !

Ref. 4.2.6 Apps created from a commercialized template.


1) Which products are subject to this process?

2) Enroll for your Apple Developer Program

3) Invite to AppStore Connect

4) Contact Apple Support

5) FAQ


1) Which products are subject to this process?

  • White-Label EventApp
  • White-Label SeriesApp
  • White-Label TimerApp


A White-Label App has it's own icon in the App Store. Users can download the app when they search for your event in the App Store. The name of your Apple Developer Account is also reflected under the name of your event. 


2) Enroll for your Apple Developer Program

Enrolling as an Organization

If you’re enrolling your organization, you’ll need an Apple ID with two-factor authentication turned on, as well as the following to get started:

A D-U-N-S® Number

Your organization must have a D-U-N-S Number so that we can verify your organization’s identity and legal entity status. These unique nine-digit numbers are assigned by Dun & Bradstreet and are widely used as standard business identifiers. You can check to see if your organization already has a D-U-N-S Number and request one if necessary. They are free in most jurisdictions. Learn more.

Legal Entity Status

Your organization must be a legal entity, so that it can enter into contracts with Apple. We do not accept DBAs, fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches.

Legal Binding Authority

As the person enrolling your organization in the Apple Developer Program, you must have the legal authority to bind your organization to legal agreements. You must be the organization’s owner/founder, executive team member, senior project lead, or have legal authority granted to you by a senior employee.

A Website

Your organization’s website must be publicly available and the domain name must be associated with your organization. 

Start enrollment here!


3) Invite to AppStore Connect

Once your developer account is approved we need access to your account so we can publish apps on your behalf.

  1. Go to and login with your personal
    Apple ID
  2. Click on Users and AccessUsers_Acces.JPG
  3. Click the small + icon to invite the MYLAPS App Manager to your account8.png
  4. Invite the MYLAPS App Manager2 into your account.
    - Enter the name & email below.
    - Check the box "Admin".
    - Click "Invite".

! Make sure to tick the Admin checkbox, and Developer Resources checkbox !

! You will see a confirmation dialog like below when finished !



4) Contact Apple Support

Need service or support from Apple? Start your request online and we’ll find you a solution.

  1. Visit and click on Support on top right1.png
  2. Click Contact Apple Developer Support (bottom left of page)2.png

  3. Sign in to Apple Developer with your Apple ID and Password3.png

  4. Click Membership and Account4.png

  5. Select what you need help with in your enrollment process5.png

  6. How'd you like to get help – select Phone6.png
  7. Enter your phone number and click Call Me7.png

  8. An Apple Support Representative will call you within the wait time parameters.
    Call backs have been almost immediate in our experience.

 More Ways to Get Help:

Most Apple products are eligible for 90 days of complimentary technical support. Online technical support for Apple products is available beyond the initial 90 days.

5) FAQ 

1. "Organization could not be verified as a legal entity" error message after providing legal name and DUNS number in enrollment process:

Requires organization to contact DUNS to make sure their database is up to date
You can find support here.

2. Two-Factor Authentication issues:

Customers can go here for support.

3. If you do not have an Apple device:

Apple states following:
"With two-factor authentication, your account can only be accessed on devices you trust, like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac."
More information can be found here.
It is usually a good practice to have one company owned Apple device for these cases.

4. Entity Type in Apple Flow – what to select?

Most of our customers will choose Company/Organization type of entity

You will choose differently if:

  • You are part of a government structures - choose Government Organization
  • You are a non-profit organization - choose Nonprofit Organization

5. If you do not have a DUNS number or you are unaware of what it is:

Information on what is DUNS number can be found here.

Apple uses DUNS number to verify you are a real company, with real legal entity etc. It is a double-check from their side to ensure they cooperate only with real, working businesses, and thus do not have to deal with dummy accounts, frauds etc.

6. Refusal to allow MYLAPS the ROLE of Admin:

If (for whatever reason) you are unable to give us Admin access to your Apple Developer Account, you can give us "App Manager" rights. Be aware that this way we would have limited access to your account and cannot oversee some issues that may occur. If you choose for this option, you need to be actively involved with your Apple Developer Account, to make sure it's always up to date.

8. Race Administrator gets all Apple email communication:

Account holders (people who have started the enrollment process with Apple) will always get all the email communication.

As soon as we have Admin access with access to developer resources, customers can ignore emails from Apple - MYLAPS will take care of everything regarding the app created by MYLAPS.



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