3.2 Customize your App Tiles

The App tiles shape the home screen of your EventApp. You can completely customize your home screen, add and organize: content, images, sponsors, media and much more! 

Download the app to your device to see how it looks like. Adjustments will be visible after a couple of seconds when closing and reopening the app.

1) Custom content tiles

2) Media tiles

3) Default tiles



1. Custom content tiles

Custom Content tile are own content tiles which can link to a website page or content page (Create content page first). 

Go to Config > Content

Scroll down and drop your (sponsor) image(s) (optional)

Copy photo ID (below image) (optional)

Click Create new page

Choose your Slug name and Page title

Add content and use syntax help to format your text

Paste photo ID in content and save your content page (optional)

Click Config Tiles Insert tile 

Select Custom Content tile and instead of directing it to a website you select your content page from the dropdown

Save the tile and open it again to drop the Background image. Save and open it for a second time to Fit or Crop your image. 

Recommended image sizes:

  • 2x2 tile: 500x575 pixels
  • 4x4 tile: 500x575 pixels
  • 5x4 tile: 560x500 pixels
  • 6x4 tile: 675x500 pixels
  • 8x4 tile: 925x500 pixels
  • 10x4 tile: 1150x500 pixels
  • 12x4 tile: 1400x500 pixels



2) Media tiles

Click Config Tiles Insert tile 

Select Tile Type:

  • Facebook - displays your FB messages. 
  • Twitter - displays your TW messages.
  • Photos - displays your event pictures from your Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr account. 
  • News - displays your news feed. RSS feed only. 
  • Videos - displays the videos of your YouTube account. 

All media tiles can only be used if you have added your media account under App Configuration. 

Click Config Event Config Social Media or Pictures and Videos 


3) Default tiles

Click Config Tiles Insert tile 

Select Tile Type:

  • Course Map - displays all the courses you have uploaded.
  • Weather - displays the weather forecast for the selected event location. 
  • Live Tracking - users can search and live - track there friends / favorites during a race.
  • Countdown - display of how many days, hours, minutes, till event start date.
  • App Rating & Sharing - directs to the App Stores. 
  • Explore more events - go back to the event selection panel (only applicable to an Series App) 


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