1.6 App Transfer

1) Accepting an app transfer

2) Initiating an app transfer


1) Accepting an app transfer

If you used to have an app that was hosted under the MYLAPS Apple Developer Account, we have asked you to create your own Apple Developer Account (section 1.3).

When we accept the invitation, we can transfer the app from MYLAPS account to yours, and then proceed to update it. 

We will send an email to the Account Holder's email address (the address that you used for registering the Apple Developer Account) about the fact that we have initiated the app transfer. 

You will need to log into Appstore Connect: with the Account Holder account (address that was used to register your Apple Developer Account). 

After you log in, you will see a following message on the top of the screen:


Click on the link "Agreements, Tax and Banking", you will see: 



Click on "Review" button. 

Then you will be asked to fill in:
Company Name - we recommend using the exact name of your Apple Developer Account
Support URL - if you have your own support url, you can put it here. If not, you can use 

You will also need to fill in the new metadata:


For the App Review Contact info use:

Kimberly Puiman
+31 237600100

Appstore Connect Information should contain YOUR company's data, fill it in as necessary (some fields might be pre-filled for you).

Then you will also need to tick the checkbox that you have read the conditions and agree to them, and then click "Accept in the top right corner:


2) Initiating an app transfer

 When you need to tranfser your app to another Apple Developer Account, because - for example - you created another Apple Developer Account, you need to initiate an app transfer.

! Only the Account Holder of the Apple Developer Account can initiate an app tranfser !

1. Go to the app in the App Store Connect

2. Click on the app you want to transfer and then go to the “App Information”.

3. Scroll down and select “Transfer App”.


4. Click on "Continue" at the bottom of the screen (if all the checks are green)

If not all checkmarks are green, please visit the App Transfer Overview support page of Apple.

Most of the time it's the TestFlight checkmark that is not green. If this is the case, just delete all the TestFlight data from the TestFlight tab on the top of previous screenshot. It might take ca 10 minutes for the system to recognize that you have deleted it. Try to repeat all the above steps after 10 minutes again.


5. Enter the required information and continue:


6. On the next page:
- Double check the App Transfer Information at the top of the page
- Scroll down and tick the checkbox
- Click on the button “Request Transfer” at the left bottom corner


7. You have successfully initiated an app transfer. You will also get a confirmation email.

8. Now the Account Holder of the other Apple Developer Account needs to accept the app transfer. An email will be sent to that email address to accept the transfer.

9. Please notify us when the app transfer is successful.

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