6.3 Timeline configurations

You need to configure your timelines to be able to stream data from T&S to the EventCMS for all the LIVE functionalities, like:

  • LiveTracking
  • LiveRanking
  • Leaderboards
  • LivePhoto
  • PhotoLite
  • SMS
  • GPS tracking

Typically you will have a start mat, intermediates and a finish mat. We advise to have at least one timeline in the first 5K for better finish time estimations. The distance of the last timeline must match with the distance configured for the specific race (and with the distance of the course map you uploaded).

1) Prerequisites

2) Standard timeline configuration

3) Optional settings

4) Timeline configuration with seperate T&S locations for same distance / timeline aliases


Specific timeline configurations: 


1. Prerequisits

  • For all live services a visible start T&S location should be created for each race. If no physical start mat is used, it is possible to start the race on Gunshot. Therefor use the option Offline / Virtual device in combination with a Gunshot for all runners.

GPS tracking requires a physical mat, or passings sent from T&S!

  • For all live services a visible finish T&S location should be created for each race. Distance of the last timeline should match with Race distance in order to mark runners as finished. 

  • It is also possible to set up multi-lap races, or use the same timeline twice and use timeline aliases. Please note that this requires a stable internet connection to prevent inconsistencies


2. Standard timeline configuration

Go to Config Timer Setup

Scroll down to Races

Click Race Setup Add timeline

  • Name - has to be exact location name as in Timing & Scoring
  • Route - select the race timelines apply to
  • Distance - enter distance from start to this timeline

Save timeline

Repeat this action till you have all your timelines set up. 

Please note: finish timelines should always match with the course map length and race length! If this is not the case runners will not be marked as finished in the Live Tracking functionality. 


3. Optional settings

  • Name (for display) - this is the friendly name which is displayed to users in the app and on the website.
  • Visible as split - by default timelines are always visible. If you want to make the timeline hidden, this timeline will still be used for the live tracking positioning, but it won't be visible on the Course Map, progress screen of the athlete and Leaderboards. Make a timeline hidden if it is a cheater point.
  • Do not include in LiveTracking position and speed calculations - if you have multiple timelines within 1 kilomer (0.62 miles), but you are not sure what the exact distance will be on race day between those two locations, you want to exclude the timeline you are not sure of from the position and speed calculations in the app and website. If the distance between the two timelines will be less then configured in the EventCMS, speeds might exceed the maximum allowed speed for this sport type and be filtered out / ignored. You might want to use this option for your announcer timeline.
  • Timeline open time - time of day, all passings on this timeline before this time will be ignored and discarded. This option can be used when you expect athletes to pass the timeline before the start of the race. 
  • Sport on next timeline - especially important for events with multi-stage races, like triathlons.
  • Prevent live-tracking overshoot - when checked, livetracking estimated position will never pass this timeline unless this timeline is passed. Use this option only for long distance races.
  • Status message - show this message in the livetracking details for this timeline, e.g. when timeline is offline. Will only be displayed when no data is available.
  • Time correction delta - add this delta time (can be negative) to all passings on this timeline. Use this to correct for an invalid devince clock. 


4. Timeline configuration with seperate T&S locations for one timeline / aliases

When you have a setup with multiple T&S locations for one timeline, which implies that you create T&S location names for every decoder, but the decoders serve the same timeline and distance. You can use timeline aliases to associate data from specific T&S locations to one specific timeline in the EventCMS. This can also be used if you have a seperate location for the Main and Backup decoder. 

Open T&S file

Create new Timeline in EventCMS, should have the name of one of the locations as in T&S

Scroll to Timeline configuration

Associate other T&S locations with this timeline in EventCMS


Please note: in this case it is not possible to set an offset for one of the four locations. If one of your devices has an offset, you will need to fix that in T&S, delete the data from the EventCMS database and replay / reprocess the data. Contact




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