4.2 Set up products (clothing or merchandising)

Registration offers the functionality to sell products and merchandising like t-shirts . To set up products select the Configure tab and click on Products


Click on add products to set up your first first. Within Registration we seperate three types of products: clothing, merchandise or donation. The differences between those types has to do with different settings. The difference between clothing and merchandising are limited and only export data related. Select clothing or merchandise and fill in the following information:

  • Product name: The name you want registrants to see for your product.
  • Report code: the name you want the product to have for your reports, dashboard, etc. This name cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
  • Description: A short summary describing the product
  • Ledger code: This can can used for internal financial uses and will be noted on the statements.
  • Product price
  • VAT%: Fill in the percentage for correct notation on the statement 
  • Select the box if you want the product to be required to complete the registration
  • Select the quantity per participant
  • Select if you want to track the inventory 
  • Linked with custom field; this will be explained below
  • Select the box if there are multiple options. For example if you have multiple sizes and/or colors
  • By selecting availability you can specify in which race, group or division the product is available. If you uncheck the box, the product is available for every event or group.

Add pictures to products

Select the arrow after you have created the product and click on design (see attachment below). A pop up will open where images could be uploaded. Repeat this if you want to upload more pictures. Drag and drop the pictures if you want to change the order of the products. 

Note that all images will be automatically rescaled. 


Custom field in product

Some products requires additional information like accountnumber or custom text for e.g. medals. To create this you first have to create custom question which can be found in Custom Questions below the Configure. Create a custom question as you can see in this section. Make sure for this custom field in the product that you make the question invisble, but required (see image below). 


If you have done that the only the last thing you have to do is connect the question to the product. Select within the product the custom question in Linked with custom field (for user input)'. Choose in the dropdown the question you want to connect and save the question.

Product webhook (url)

For every product there is a possibility to add an external webservice. With this feature you can send data to an external service. This can be used if you make use of an service which provide custom information like voucher codes.

URL placeholders are:

  • Email {email}
  • Full name{fullname}
  • Birthdate {birthdate}
  • Given name {givenname}
  • Family name {familyname}
  • Language code {languagecode}

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