3.1 Set up custom questions

To create custom questions go to Custom questions below configure in the menu.  You will be able to add the following information:

  • Question type: choose the type of question you want
  • Label: type the question text here
  • Report Code: the name you want the question to have for your reports, exports, etc. This name cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
  • You can choose if you want this question be visible during the registration process and if the question is required or optinal. 
  • If necessary, add hint text to help the registrant understand how to answer the question better.
  • Custom validation webhook; Answers to a question can be validated against an external database.  
  • Availability: Availability: You may tie a specific question to a race category when selected
  • Enable Conditional Logic: You can create a rule to ask a question based on the answer value of a prior question

Enable Logic

If you want to ask specific questions based on previous answers you can enable logic within the questions. To enable it, you should check ‘enable conditional logic’, followed by selecting the question then furnishing the answer where this logic is tied to. In the example below question was: ‘Which way of transport are you going to use to visit the event’? If people answer by car, based on the settings below the next question would be “Would you like to reserve a parking spot”

Validation of questions

An answer to a question may be validated online by referencing an external database.  This feature is used to validate a specific code or member number, etc.  Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature.

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