3.6 Set up your Motorized EventApp (NEW)

Whether you’re organizing or timing a big or small event you can offer your participants and fans a great event experience by creating your own EventApp.

We have 2 options based on the number of participants of your event and your choice of integration; the Sporthive Live Events embed option and the White-Label EventApp. Choose the solutions that fits you best.

Features for Motorized Apps are:


1) Set up your EventApp

2) Feature specificiations

3) Set up Live Timing in your EventApp



1) Set up your EventApp

First you need to set up your EventApp. You can do that by following these instructions.

You need to follow the same procedures for setting up your Motorized App, as for setting up your Active App. The only difference is setting up your races, so you can ignore the last topic (Configure your races) of the article "3.2 Set Up Your EventApp (White-Label)".

The below topics will discuss what specifications are needed to set up your Motorized App.


2) Feature specifications


In order to support Map Tracking, Video, Statistics & leadersboards, you need: 

  • A valid premium subscription in the Speedhive raceportal, contact your Account Manager for more information.
  • Log in to your Orbits account with the same username as your subscription.
  • Enable Speedhive feed in Orbits.

Complete manual to set up Live Timing for Orbits 4 click here

Complete manual to set up Live Timing for Orbits 5 click here

Now you are ready to add the Live Timing data to your EventApp!


3) Set up Live Timing in your EventApp


For Speedhive Live Timing this will be native, other platforms are responsive. 

1. Click Config Tiles.

2. Create a Custom Content tile

3. Add Link to direct to Live Timing data. These are the 4 live screens possible to integrate: 

4. Change MTPMILOD-2147483650 into your own ID.

5. Click Config EventConfig

6. Go to CTA button

7. Click Customize CTA button to link it to your Speedhive Live Timing pages 

Please note: the default CTA button and default LiveTracking tile link to the LiveTracking functionality for active sports. This option is not supported for Motorized EventApps and should be removed from the app. Contact if it is not removed yet. 



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