3.6 Create Geofences (NEW)

With Geofences everyone who has the app installed on their phones and location permissions enabled will receive a push message when they enter a virtual boundary. You can include sponsor messages, offers, awareness etc. It can be used on the course, near the course, or for expo's. 



Enable the feature in the Event Quick Start Wizard, before submission of your app. This is required, because it requires location permissions

Go to Config > Geofence

Create a Geofence

Fill in epi center of Geofence, or location you are promoting in space above map on right parameters

  • Can geo fence to send messages to users of one (1) app in a SeriesApp
  • Can geo fence to send messages to users of the SeriesApp (all events apply)

Radius of Geofence

100 meters 109 328 .06 ,01
25.000 meters 27,340 82,020 15 miles 25



  • MAX. of 20 geofences per app
  • Users should have location permissions enabled
  • If a user receives the message depends on a couple of criteria we do not have influence on, like battery life, which transmitter mast you are connected to etc. 
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