Professional camera configuration

The following website includes a table were all cameras that can be connected to our PhotoVideo system are listed:
Cameras that can be connected to the PhotoVideo Integrator have to meet the following two ability requirements (abilities can be found in the second column of the table):

  • ‘Image Capture’
  • ‘Live view’

In addition, the cameras should not be in the experimental or testing phase.

If you connect a professional camera to an Integrator apply the following settings to your camera:

  • Disable raw mode (jpg only)
  • Set it to a quality setting that is closest (but no lower) than 2000x1000 pixels
  • Sync the time, date and timezone of the camera with the BibTag Decoder (note: not with the Integrator).
    The best way to do this is to set the time of the camera half a minute ahead and move cursor in camera settings menu to the Ok/Set/Save button and then do a countdown on the BibTag Decoder time 3-2-1-Set to press the button at the exact same time.
  • Set 'auto rotate' functionality to 'on'


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