5.11 Enable BibConnect

BibConnect allows athletes to claim their BIB and enable GPS tracking for more accurate positioning on the track during the race. Resubmission required to change this setting.

! It's required to import Bib Numbers and birthdates for at least 90% of the registrations !


Enable BibConnect:

You can enable BibConnect in the Wizard > Race Setup.

If you would like to enable BibConnect after you have submitted the Wizard, please contact your Account Manager.


How does it work?

  1. Add the Bib Connect Wizard to your tiles.
  2. Participants can claim their bib in combination with their birthdate.
  3. They can set a privacy setting to their profile:
    - Anyone (Public)
    - Require PIN
    - Hidden
  4. Participants can upload a photo to their profile.
  5. Privasy settings can be changed at any time in the app.
    LiveTracking > Profile > Privacy settings.


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