2.2 EventApp Android Release Notes (NEW)

Apr-14, 2020; EventApp - Android 43.019

  • LiveTracking tile now only displaying LIVE badge when LiveTracking is available.
  • Hungarian language added.

Jan-09, 2020; EventApp - Android 43.013

  • Now using AppSetupModel.AppPrefixAndroid for the prefix instead of checking for an existing Play Store listing in build server
  • Synced LiveTrackingOverviewFragment's button visibility behavior with iOS
  • Now drawing route again when event only has a single race where PathEncoded != null
  • Fixed map markers disappearing on LiveTrackingOverviewFragment when navigating to DetailFragment
  • Fixed LiveTrackingTile to display badge properly when tileSummary.ShowTitle is false
  • Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ID does not reference a View inside this Activity at com.mylaps.eventapp.livetracking.participant.view.ParticipantDetailFragment$Companion.start + 496( at com.mylaps.eventapp.livetracking.personalphoto.PhotoDetailActivity.onBackPressed + 274(
  • Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: You cannot start a load for a destroyed activity at com.mylaps.eventapp.homescreen.tilefragment.tiles.WeatherTile.displayWeather + 85(WeatherTile.kt:85)
  • Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: courseViewSpinner must not be null at com.mylaps.eventapp.courseview.CourseViewFragment.addTracksToSpinner + 206( at com.mylaps.eventapp.courseview.CourseViewFragment.access$addTracksToSpinner + 32(
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