2.1 EventApp iOS Release Notes (NEW)

Mar-31,2020; EventApp - iOS 43.110

  • Hungarian language added/
  • Sporthive Live dynamic link fix: Now always jump to the linked event regardless of its age.

Mar-17,2020; EventApp - iOS 43.109

  1. Leaderboard header fix: make sure race selector works even if the currently selected leaderboard has no data yet.
  2. Leaderboard header layout fix: now matches Android (header shows last passed timeline then name of selected race).
  3. Live photos fixed when showing results data.

Feb-18, 2020; EventApp - iOS 43.105

  • Darkmode disabled.
  • Bugfix for back button colour after clicking push notification.

Jan-22, 2020; EventApp - iOS 43.103

  • Series app changes:
    • Past events button now visible without scrolling down
    • Search in past events
  • Improvements for:
    • Selfies
    • Live ranking
    • Images
    • Translations

Jan-09, 2020; EventApp - iOS 43.102

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Removed old code from maps (was causing crashes and making no other difference in the app)
  • Fixes for crashes/errors in live tracking screens when PIN used
  • Fixed issue where the bottom of the screen could go black after a keyboard had been shown.
  • Rewritten series app search/past events views. Performance improved, event logo now included. On search page, upcoming events show first event first, past events shows as last event first.
  • Series app ‘recently viewed events’ list now moves events to the start of the list whenever they are visited.
  • Alert windows (yes/no style messages) reimplemented.
  • Better handling of image gallery permission request (selfies and profile photo screens).
  • Provisioning profiles script now hacks the .csproj to make automatic signing continue to work. We can remove that when the Visual Studio bug that caused the problem is fixed.

Dec-10, 2019; EventApp – iOS 43.100

  • Facebook webview instead of native implementation
  • No connection message when you lose your connection
  • Tiles view reloads when internet connection comes back
  • Unfollow behaviour changed – app now stays on the athlete detail page
  • Menu items order changed
  • ‘Live Tracking Privacy Settings’ menu item now always shows when bib claim is turned on
  • Dropped iOS 10 support
  • Bugfixes
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