6.5 LiveRanking

New in the EventApp is LiveRanking. Next to the real-time insights on activities and progress of athletes during the race, you receive insights on their provisional race position. The ranking is based on the overall, gender and category classifications. Optionally one additional ranking can be created. This could, for example, be used for business team rankings.




LiveRanking rules:

  • It is based on chiptimes
  • It is per timeline and per race
  • The ‘out of X’ is based on the number of competitors that have crossed the timeline (not on the total amount of competitors)
  • No ranking is done on start timeline, it starts the first timeline after the start
  • Only the imported records are taken into account. If late/expo registrations are not imported into EventCMS the counts might be off
  • The numbers are updated once per minute
  • LiveRanking information will automatically disappear 48 hours after the start of the race or when the ‘live tracking time window’ is over. Can be configured in Config > Event Config > Call-to-Action button
  • We provide an option in the EventCMS to disable LiveRanking midrace as well. Go to Live! LiveRanking.

Possiblie rankings:

  • Overall
  • Gender (only when available)
  • Category (only when available)
  • Custom ranking field (only when available)

LiveRanking requirements: 

  • It is required to assign a gunshot before leader crosses first split (to ensure we start LiveRanking at the start of the race)


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