3.1 Event Timeline (call-to-action button)

The Event Timeline defines when the call-to-action button on the top header of the app switches from Registration into LiveTracking into Results.

The LiveTracking end date also defines when the LiveTracking tile should switch from LiveTracking into LiveTracking replay. The Leaderboard will be removed from the app, as soon as users can check the official Results.

1) Configure Event Timeline

2) LiveTracking status message


1) Configure Event Timeline

Go to Config Event Config

Click Event Timeline tab

Add LiveTracking date ranges

Add Registration URL 

Click Results tab

Add Results URL or ID & Token (T&S upload)


2) LiveTracking status message

The status message will be shown below the course map in the LiveTracking screen of the app. This message can be used to inform users about data issues or LiveTracking delays. 

Go to Config Event Config

Click Event Timeline

Add status message (short sentence)

Verify status message in LiveTracking screen of the app


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