4.7 #Selfies

Engage with your athletes and fans by adding Selfies. Simply create your own (branded) Selfie layers and let the fun begin.  

1) Upload a Selfie overlay

2) Create a Selfie overlay

3) Download Selfies


1) Upload a Selfie Overlay

An overlay is a transparent picture which will be added on top of another picture. You can upload an overlay with a 3:4 ratio and a resolution of exactly 1500x2000 pixels. Upload no more than 4 overlays. 

  1. Click Config Selfie.
  2. Drop your overlay.
  3. Click Config Tiles Insert a new tile.
  4. Select Selfie Tile from type dropdown.
  5. Save tile and re-open it again to upload background image.

Find all shared Selfies under Config Selfies.


2) Create a Selfie overlay

Not everyone has dedicated graphics software like Photoshop or Fireworks available. It's however easy to create your transparent png file overlay by using one of the free online graphics editors, like 

This is how you can create your own transparent overlay which you can then use to add your logo or brand name to a photo using the Selfie feature in the EventApp. 

  1. Open (or other graphics editor).
  2. Click File Open.
  3. Open Logo image.
  4. Click Image Canvas size.
  5. Image width 1500 > Image height 2000.
  6. Select Magic Wand.
  7. Left mouse click image and click delete.
  8. Save your graphic using PNG (Transparent, full quality).


3) Download Selfies

  1. Click Config Selfie.
  2. Click on one of the Images.
  3. Click Download.


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