4.3 Create your own Merchandise shop

MYALPS Registration offer the functionality to (up)sell products after registration is done, for both participants as non-participants.

Sell products after registration

Within each category you can select the option Enable Self Service Product Store (see image below). 



After you have saved this option, participants can order all products which are attached to their category/race. You can sell for example only Marathon t-shorts to the Marathon category. In My profile particpants can click on add products and they can shop!

Create a standalone shop

It is also possible to create a seperate shop for non-participants. Select within the dashboard of your event the grew arrow and click on add standalone shop (see image below)

The shop will created and you will be visible within your dashboard, which will show up as a new category. All products will be automatically assigned to the shop. If you want to assign products to the standalone shop, select the configure tab and click on products. Check the availability box and assign the product to the store (see image below).



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