2.2 Create an event


With your account details you can login and start creating your first event. Click on the button ‘add event to set up your event.

The pop-up (see image below) will show up where you need to fill in information about your event like the date, language and currency. After filling in this information your event and first edition is automatically created.


Customize your Event

On event level you can customize your registration form. Click on settings in the topmenu and you will directed to the page where you find the page with all settings you can edit. Click on edit to modify the settings.




If you click on 'edit', you will get an pop-up (see image below) where you can setup some custom settings for yout event. You can also set up the following:

  • Event information
  • Payment information
  • Support email adress (required)
  • Support helpdesk website: If this filled, the contact button will link to this url.
  • Supported languages: Select the languages you want to support
  • Show middle name for Dutch language: By default is off. If enabled there will be an extra name field for Dutch middle names (Dutch language only!)
  • Show Sold Out Categories: enable or disable (if you disable this, sold out categories will be removed)
  • Housenumbers: Enable or disable this
  • Make Address Fields Optional: If yes, the address could be empty
  • Unique Email Address: enable or disable the requirement that each participant needs to register with a unique email address (on Race level)
  • Unique postal code and birthdate combination required: Enable or disable the requirement that each participant needs to register with a unique postal code and birthdate (On category level)
  • Show email opt-in question
  • Confirm Email-Address: Enable or Disable that participants needs to confirm their emailaddres. 
  • Citizen Number 
  • Passport Number
  • Distance unit: Kilometers or Miles
  • Type of Expected performance: Expected end time or Expected pace
  • Products: max per order or per registration id. You can set the a participant is only allowed to buy 1 T-shirt for the event or 1 per order, so there is an option to buy more afterwards.
  • Emergency Contact Requirement: this can be hidden, required or optional
  • Allow invoice download link in the confirmation e-mail and team portal: if you allow invoices teamcaptain will find the invoice in their confirmation e-mail and teamportal. Make sure your invoice has the right content before you enable this
  • Show entrants lookup screen: enable or disable this feature
  • Columns shown in entrants overview: if enabled, you can specify which fields you want to show
  • Minimum flex team order size (0 means: no minimum): if you will use Flex teams, the minimum will used for the first transaction. This means that if you for example will fill in 10, the teamcaptain needs to buy at least 10 participants in the first order.


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