What's new?

Update 23 January

- Export product data

Update 20 December

- New Role: Import role (More info)
- Private support for Flex categories
- Custom content for Invoice and Post adress (More info)

Update 28 November

New custom question type: file (upload). (More info)
- Billing address for creditcard flow

Update 14 November

- Multiple custom questions to a product (More info)
- Corral improvements
- Payment reference and attention in invoice export

Update 26 October

- Preview Mode (More info)
- 3D secure for Global collect payments (on request)
- Custom email content for invite team member

Update 17 October

- Update members purchased in CMS (for flex teams)
- Simplified usermanagemet flow to assign roles 

Update 4 October

- Middle name in Manual registration form
- Product delivery preference in team export
- Organization helpdesk website (replaces contact form) (more info)
- Improvements copy edition
- Overview invited team members
- Import and export Expected Finish Time (expectedfinishtime) and Expected Pace per km (expectedpaceperkm) with auto-conversion
- Promo codes for Flex Teams*

Update 6 September

- Custom sharing on social media*
- Link to specific language (more info)
- Team layout setting in event settings removed
- Expected End Time in Assign wizard
- Search for middle name (Dutch only)
- Option to cancel members without team

Update 30 August

- Redeem promo code changes: Discount codes are only supported in the registration flow
- Organisation changes:
         Add postal address to backend.
         Move product delivery preference on organisation level
- Middle name: setting on event level to support middle name for Dutch (more info)
- Gender validation per category*
- (Partial) Refunds support
- Promo code in detailed excel export
- Limit the number of orders per registration or order (setting on event level) (more info)

Update 17 August

New and updated Roles and rights (see this link for more info)

Update 14 August

- Answer Custom Question format (More info)
- Edit / View Datasource information in backend
- Show number of teams sold in dashboard
- Validation based on previous times*
- Added middle name to registration export
- New team flow, separate flow for create a team, join a team and individuals

Update 3 August

Auto apply on next orders for team registrations*
- Delete custom questions
- Show pace or finish time in backend based on event level setting (more info)

Update 26 July

Download button to dowload all invoices in zip-file (pdf format)*
- Conditional Logic in custom question possible for multiple answers* 

Update 18 July

- Organization page (details, invoices / order and team information)*
- Invoice page (list of all invoices)*
- Extra info on organization page (Teams per organization and search option)*
- Statistics update (custom questions, provinces (NL) and birthdates)*

Update 12 July

- Easier Assign bib numbers manual from registrations overview
- Postal addresses for teams/organizations

Update 6 July 2017
- Add middle name for participants (Dutch only)
- Add postal address for organisation*

Update 29 June 2017
- Move expected pace option to category level*
- Hide register button if only shop category is open
- Teamportal: Remove email button all if there are no participants in teams
- Extended Detailed Excel items with more fields (TransactionSourceCode, InvoiceNumber, RegistrationId)

Update 19 June 2017
- External URL support in custom questions
- Cut off hint text properly
- Exact integration (XML)
- Show custom questions in self service
- Transfer products when doing registration transfer (not for donations)
- Added import validation for Expected pace per mile (hh:mm:ss)
- Refunds available 48 hours after eventdate

Update 6 June 2017
- Change in invite terms and conditions
- Introduced Self Service Shop Cut Off Date for selfservice shop

Update 23 May 2017
- Added option to select all races and categories for promo code
- Added option to choose supported languages for event
- Added payment methods custom content

Update 17 May 2017
- External URL support in product description
- Loading indicators 
- Drag & drop of race categories* 
- Participant Statistics (Race, Gender, Age, Location)

Update 10 May 2017
* Refunds possible when actual payment account is different than order payment account
* Added organization details to team and organization export
* Added required Chamber of commerce support* 
* Improved Invoice template
* Improved change password validation
* Fixed missing account details
* Expected end time conversion in export
* Added Bunq Bank (Netherlands)

Update 3 May 2017
* Teamcaptain: edit team members option
* Flex and private not supported
* Search and Export all statuses
* Promo code for flex teams
* Option to make donation required
* Date validations Event date can not be earlier than category close date (and vv)
* Auto apply promo code pop up  
* Price options in product possible 
* Setting to make address fields optional (more info)
* BPay payment support (Australia)
* Restrict password to not support character '<'
* Flex team confirmation screen show number of participants 
* Business team create and join content (more info)
* Join a team confirmation and email content (more info)

Update 16 March 2017
* Improved the user authorization table with a "select all"
* Archie template
* Implement CDN for background, logo and product images

 Update 7 March 2017
* Add example csv for importing registrations and teams
* No auto change productcode when editing product name

Update 1 March 2017
* Sold out messsage if registration category has no capacity (more info and example
* Update KVK-validation

Update 22 February 2017
* Team portal keep panels open after a change is made
* Cut postalcode validation in housenumber for Dutch addresses
* Show redeem promo link if all categories are private

Update 14 February 2017
* Option to delete team captain rights for teamcaptain and organization
* Extra validations (labels and custom questions) in team member import
* Updated languages (Arabic, Croatian)
Update 8 February
* KvK support in the Organization screen for Dutch organizations
* Added countrycode to Product API hook
* Team names needs to be unique
* Show number of purchased flex team items on invoice
* Align prices and products
* Confirmation email display VAT amounts
* Delivery details for organization is required
* Added options for postal code to be required, optional or hidden 
* Special characters validation 
* When Copy edition prefix is not required
Update 31 January 2017
* Confirmation mail for EXPO registrants 

Update 25 January 2017
* Javascript support in custom content
* Danish Krone currency support

Update 17 January 2017
* Added Konbini (JP) payment method support
* Added product API hook for products 
* Team Layout: seperate teams from individual (more info)

Update 10 January
* Teamcaptains (option): import and add (manually) members in team portal
* Copy edition (More info)
* Corral configuration improvements (more info)
  • Filter on age and gender
  • Filter on checkbox, dropdown and radio button questions
* Team exports can contain pre/postfix bibs
* Improved Role support: all authorizations can be withdrawed (more info)
* Improved "Create event" screen
* Added Croation language support
* Async team import and update
* Team name only specific characters allowed: a-z A-Z 0-9 [] () - _ . and space
* Organization name only specific characters allowed: a-z A-Z 0-9 [] () - _ . and space

Update of 29 December 2016
* Timer(s) can do refunds in backend (More info)
Update 11 December 2016
* Import and update custom questions
* How to video's: via this section or complete Youtube playlist
Update 28 November 2016
* Arabic language support (Right to left) (Demo event)
* Add Product pictures (More info)
Update 23 November 2016
* VAT% templating in backend for products 
* Processing Fees Ledger number in backend
* Improved UI for configuring corrals in backend
Update 21 November 2016
* Custom confirmation content & email per race category (More info)
Update 19 October 2016
* Redesign organisation page (postal code check for Dutch Address) (More info)
* Auto-fill of personal details when logged in (for registration and shop)
* All detailed transaction information available for organizers (More info
* Shop layout improvements (see demo in this event)
Update 29 September 2016
* Convert currencies (More info)
* Contact form (More info)
Update 15 September 2016
* Export Teams per organization (More info)
* Extra fields on invoice  
* Export all invoice details (More info)
* Ledgercodes for refund, switch and transfer 
* Bib-Corral assignment:
  • Export empty rows to reserve bib numbers for teams that are not filled completely
  • Filter on teamname 
  • Bibassignment based on organization name 
Update 25 August 2016
* Flexteams support
* Export Teams in Excel (More info)
Update 21 July 2016
*Expomode improvements
*Postal code check for Dutch postal codes

Update 29 June 2016  
* Confirmation screen for organization before publishing (More info)

Update 13 June 2016
* Manage your personal account in MyPortal (My portal and My profile)
* Pre-fill the registration form with your profile details

Update 7 June 2016
* Improved and consistent hyperlinks in email(s)
* Notification if team captain deletes participant with products
* Different confirmation email for individual and teams (More info)
* Registrant needs to confirm his e-mail address (configurable in event settings
* Change delivery options in backend
* Export delivery option
* Participants can find their BIB-numbers in their account, when assigned
* Export of names are consistent
* Support IAAF-countries as datasource in custom dropdown question
* Unique postal code and birthdate combination required (configurable in event settings)
* Race categories are visible in the team portal 

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