5.3 Set up invoice for (business) team registration

MYLAPS Registration offers the functionality that teams can be ordered by invoice. This means that the actual payment won't be in be in the system, but within the organisation account itself. To save time and money, Registration offers also automatically generated invoices. 

To set up this payment method, contact first your contact person of MYLAPS Experience Lab to activate this.  

Set up in team category

The only thing in each category is to enable the button:"Allow payment by invoice for both create and join transactions". This means if the payment methods 'invoice' is activated, this category can be paid by invoice.

Customize your invoice

Invoices can be customized based on your personal preferences, so they matches your organisation or event. 

Upload your invoice logo

Click on the button design in the Registration dashboard where you can manage your event logo and background (see below). Upload your logo and save it. 

Upload your invoice information

To add information on your invoice, like account number or invoice terms,select the Configure tab and click on Email & Content

The invoice can be customized on three sections. In the attachment 'invoice text.docx' we provide some examples which you use within CMS (see image below). Use the source button (selected in example below) to implement.

1) Organisation Invoice Terms
This text is used to inform teamcaptains about how the invoice should be paid and within how many days.

2) Organisation Left Footer
This text is appearing on the left footer of the invoice. The content could contain the visit address and other contact details if needed

3) Organisation Right Footer
This text is appearing on the right footer of the invoice. The content could contain information like VAT-number if needed.

Link to Example Invoice

Example invoice

After the content is saved, you are able to check if the invoice is set up correctly. Click on Example invoice within your dashboard (see image below) to verify your settings. Note: the content in the example contains some dummy data.

Enable invoice to teamcaptain

To activate invoices for teamcaptains return to the event level and click on settings (see image below).

Click on Edit and Scroll down to 'Enable invoice download link' and change this to Yes and Save this. Once this is done, teamcaptains will automatically receives an link to the invoice in the confirmation email and in the teamportal.


Check invoices in the backend (for Organizers)

Organisations can check and download the invoices of a specific organization theirselves. Select the Registrations tab and click on Organizations. 

In this screen you will find the orders and invoices of all teams, whether is paid by invoice, credticard or any local payment method. 

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