9.2 MailChimp Integration

MYLAPS Registration allows you to connect your event to your MailChimp account. All registrations (pending and registered) are automatically synced to your MailChimp lists. The system divides the pending and registered participants into two lists. If a pending participants is confirmed he will automatically transferred to the registered list.

With this integration you are able to create campaigns and include all details in the campaigns. You can also send emails based on segments like price, gender, location and much more.

Note: If you using this MailChimp integration, MYLAPS Registration is automatically connecting data to MailChimp. Be aware of the fact that MailChimp is carrying cost for this service based on the number of subscribers.


Connect MYLAPS Registration to MailChimp

Click on ‘integrations’ in the dashboard. A new screen will pop-up (see image). You only have to put in your MailChimp API key and save. To get your API Key please read this tutorial of MailChimp:


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