Data usage and bandwidth saving tips

Uploading photos and especially videos uses a lot of data. For an event with a couple of thousand runners live upload can easily use 5-10 GB of mobile data per location. When using video this can be as high as 1 to 2 GB per 15 minutes of video. When you are connected over a mobile network this can quickly become a very expensive event!

We have a few options to limit the data usage and save costs and the Integrator can also work completely offline to prevent any additional data costs.

Depending on the setup you might want to allow remote monitoring of the camera by leaving it connected and uploading previews but prevent actual uploading of participant photos or thumbnails. 

For a live event you definitely want to allow thumbnail upload but may choose to upload high resolution photos later from your office location over a wired connection.

Limiting data usage

Go to config -> PhotoVideo and click edit Integrator from the drop down menu in the EventCMS to configure a bandwith limitation. This drop down gives you the option to choose what you want to upload live during the race. The options also show the recommended internet speed.

Resolution settings

It is also possible to save data usage by configuring a lower resolution of photos. Go to config -> PhotoVideo and click edit from the camera drop down menu in the EventCMS. Select a lower resolution and save the settings.


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