Switch between USB modem and wired ethernet

The Integrator can be connected to internet via an USB modem or wired ethernet. Internet is used to load settings from the EventCMS, monitor live status remotely and send thumbnails, photos and videos during race day.

You need to configure if you will use the Integrator via USB modem or wired ethernet, see steps below.

Step 1: Connect to the router


Turn on the Integrator. Connect with the Integrator network by either connecting your laptop to the 'laptop' ethernet port or by connecting over WIFI (using password 'photovideo').

Step 2: Login to the router software

Open web browser and navigate to ‘’ (or ‘’ if that doesn’t work) and login using username ‘admin’ and password ‘password’ (no quotes).

Step 3: Select internet mode


Click the Internet menu item and choose between ethernet (wired) or USB modem. Confirm by clicking Save. If you will use USB modem go to step 4, if you will use wired ethernet go to step 5.

Step 4: Configure APN settings (USB modem only)

Select Modem tab. Enter the APN name of your mobile provider (Google it!) and optionally PIN code for the sim card. These settings are different per provider. Click Save to confirm.

Step 5: Restart the router


Click Restart menu and confirm by clicking the Restart button.

Step 6: Confirm it is connected

Verify if the Integrator is connected to internet. It might easily take a few minutes to connect. Especially over mobile networks it can easily take up to 10 minutes.

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