6.3.6 Wave start configuration

Waves are typically configured for triathlons, because they usually do not have a timeline at the start of the race. Marathons and other races can be tracked by chiptime. Only when you want to show guntime for each wave, you have to create waves.

!! Please note when people start in another wave than indicated, their time might be incorrect (as they might start before the intended gunshot).

1) Wave configuration

2) Import registrations

3) Assign gunshots


1. Wave configuration

Click Races Race Name

Click 0 for waves in Race details

Select New

  • Name - name of the wave, should match with name of wave in Registration file
  • UniqueId - can be used instead of name, for example if the name of the wave does not match with the wave names used in your Registration file 
  • ProjectedGunshot - choose start date and time

Repeat this action till you have all the waves created for this race

Add the Wave name or UniqueId to the Registration file 


2. Import registrations

Registration import works the same as usual, except there is one extra column to assign the athletes to the corresponding waves you just created. 

Verify Number of Registrations 

Click Races Race name

Click small number for waves in Race datails



3) Assign gunshots

Nothing special during the race except you’ll need to set gunshots per wave once they’ve started. Please ensure you select the correct type of gunshot (only change passings before this gunshot) and assign it to the correct wave. 

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