8.2 Simulate a Race with manual passings in the Event CMS

This simulation is just to check how Live Tracking will work. This simulation does not verify your T&S connection and/or timeline setup. 

1) Set up a (test) race

2) Live Tracking test




1. Set up a (test) race

Go to

Create at least one (test) race

Import (or draw) a course for this race

Create at least two timelines within that race

  • Make sure the location names in Timing&Scoring match with the timeline names in the EventCMS

Add at least one test participant, click Race > Race name > Registrations > Add Registration

  • Enter an ID, bib and chipcode
  • First Name / Last Name
  • Gender (if you would like to verify Leaderboard as well)

Search for participant

Click Passings

Add manual passings

Add Gunshot



2. Live Tracking test

Click Public Site or open your EventApp

Go to Live Tracking

Search for your test participants


Ensure you see the test participant change status in the live-tracking view. This can take up to 15 seconds.


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