6.1 Race setup: wheelchairs, relays, elites, categories etc.

Races are required to be able to use LiveTracking and Results. It is usefull to think careful about how your race setup should look like, because the set up defines what athletes and fans will see when using these functionalities.

1) Regular race setup

2) Wheelchairs and handbikes

3) Elites

4) Relays (timing chip is exchanged between runners)

5) Relays (all runners have their own timing chip)


1. Regular Race Setup

Click Create a New Race

Enter Race Details

  • Import ID can be used instead of the race name for your registrant import file. For example if I use '1' as import ID, all runners which have the number '1' in the 'Race' column of my registrant import file will be assigned to the Marathon race. 
  • The sport selection is important for the max. allowed speed of the athletes. 
  • Only enter an average speed if you have a track record of the speed for the sport/event you've selected.
  • Visibility can be used to hide the race and make it visible one hour before the race, or make it invisible. Invisible races cannot be used for Live Tracking.
  • Lap count can be used if you have multiple laps, please contact for info.  

Upload a Course Map

  • Upload a course (must be a .GPX file). If you have a .KML available you can convert it via 

Create a Course Map

  • Save: Saves course
  • Arrow Undo: Delete last part of course
  • Bin: Delete the whole course
  • Circular Arrow: Connects start and finish.
  • Follow roads: Route will follow the roads in between two points. 


2. Wheelchairs

Always create a separate race for the wheelchairs, enter an average historical speed for all wheelchairs and select cycling as sport. If you load the wheelchairs into the regular running race, it will remove the wheelchairs from the live tracking functionality because they will be seen as cheaters, if the sport selection is set on running.


3. Elites

You can load elites and walkers into the regular running race, but in this case you have to upload an expectedfinishtime or speed or pace for the elites and walkers. When uploading a .csv / excel you can just add an extra column for the expectedfinishtime. This extra column must be uploaded because the race sport is set on running and therefore will use the average running speed for the LiveTracking position calculation.

If you don't upload the expectedfinishtime, speed or pace you could also create a separate race and use the average historical speed for a better LiveTracking position calculation for the walkers and elites.


4. Relay (timing chip is exchanged between runners)

Nothing special, except you’ll need to upload the Team Name as Full Name, instead of the individual runner names. 


5. Relay (all runners have their own timing chip)

We do not really support this kind of relays, but it is possible to track them. In this case you create a seperate race for the relay runners and you upload the athletes as individuals. However to be able to track them it is required to have a timing mat before and after the relay zone. It is also recommended to have a mat every 2k after a relay zone, so the estimated position calculation is better.  

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