5.4 Leaderboard configuration

Leaderboard can be enabled or disabled for each race. It is a really nice feature, but also a magnifying glass for errors in live data. This is why it requires some extra attention and commitment of the timer. Correct configuration is key to make it a succes. Gunshots will be automatically collected from T&S. However, you need to manually assign the gunshots to make the Leaderboard work. 

There are several options available to automatically correct leaderboards. You can set time frames in order to ignore when people cross the timing mat prior to the official starting time. You can make this timeline required in order to qualify for the leaderboard by setting up time parameters. 

!! Please note: to be able to use the leaderboard you always need to assign a gunshot. 

1) Leaderboard configuration

2) Create Leaderboards

3) Category Leaderboards


1. Leaderboard configuration

Click Config Timer Setup

Scroll to Races

Click Race Setup >  Edit timeline / Add timeline

  • Leaderboard open time - all passings before or after this time of day will be ignored when calculating the leaderboards. Don't set the open times to tight as it is not easy to get runners back in the Leaderboard after their passings were ignored. 
  • Required for leaderboard - use this option to filter out cheaters and participants who switched race. All athletes which do not have a passing on this timeline will be ignored for the rest of the race. Typically you check this box for the first split in the race, or for a timeline which is located just after two races have split up.  


2. Create Leaderboards

If Leaderboards are enabled, there will be a default men and women Leaderboard for each race. However it is also possible to create your own Leaderboards, for example if you have Relay races (no gender), Elites races, or if you only want to show a Leaderboard for one specific race, but not for any other races. 

Click Races Leaderboards

Click Create new leaderboard



3. Category Leaderboards

Click Races Leaderboards

Click Create new leaderboard

  • Leaderboard setup: add the exact field what has been uploaded
  • Save the setup and you will the see the category filter on the overview page
  • You can’t use 1 filter per participant
  • Import registrations with category field (e.g. US Men)



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