2.2 Enable SocialShares

Share your race experience with live social media updates to friends and family! SocialShares offers: real-time updates during the event, share your own progress, the progress of your friends & family or elites runners, share on FB, TW, or receive updates via SMS or email.

You can sign up for this service on the public webpage of your event. Click here to find our demo public webpage. 

1) Enable SocialShares on web

2) Enable SocialShares on app


1. Enable SocialShares on web

Go to public webpage

Click Social Sharing

Click Find athletes to follow

Search for athletes

Choose Social Media

You might get a popup to ask for additional permissions. We need these permissions to post progress on your wall during the event.

Share Welcome message

Write your own message, or click Use default share text


2. Enable SocialShares on app

Open the EventApp

Click LiveTracking

Click Share my progress

Log in via Facebook or Email

Enter your bib number or full name and date of birth

Allow GPS tracking

Share progress on FB or Twitter




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