4.2 Customize your SocialShares messages

The SocialShares functionality offers customizable live updates through Facebook, Twitter, email and text messages. Participants and spectators can easily register for different social media and the messages can be customized, showing sponsor logo's on Facebook. 

1) Customize the SocialShares messages

2) Add a Facebook image

3) Customize your SocialShares website

4) Sign up for SocialShares


1. Customize the SocialShares messages

Go to Config SocialShares

Click one of the tabs for: 

  • FB (image possible)
  • TW (140-character limit)
  • Push Notification / SMS (used for Notify me option within App)
  • Email

Use placeholders to edit the text messages

Click Add overwrite for race to:

  • Create different messages per race
  • Create different messages per timeline

Click Save


2. Add a Facebook image

Go to Config Design

Click SocialShares

Upload an Image

Click Save


3) Customize your SocialShares website & sign up

Go to Config > Content

Scroll down and drop your image(s) (optional)

Copy photo ID (below image) (optional)

Click Create new page

Choose your Slug name and Page title

  • To create a SocialShares content page, please use web-socialshares-intro as slug.
  • To create a home content page, please use web-index-intro as slug.

Paste photo ID(s) and text in content field

Use syntax help to format your text and links

Save your content page


4) Sign up for SocialShares

Go to Public Site

Click SocialShares

Search for an Athlete

Select media where you want to get the live updates posted

Post welcome message or close

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