2.3 User FAQ

1. Where can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Why do I need an account for LiveTracking?

With an account it is possible to share your results and receive live updates. You can log in with your Facebook account or by email.

3. Do I need to take my phone with me during running, to use LiveTracking?

You don’t need to take your phone with you during running. The app uses the passings from the intermediate timing points and calculates your average speed. So it works for everybody.

4. I can’t find any participants in LiveTracking

Approximately a week before the event it is possible to find participants. It is possible participants are not yet uploaded in the app, when you are searching for them.

5. How can I search for participants?

You can search on name or bib number.

6. The app does not recognizes my bib number.

You have a bib number and a registration number, check if you have searched on the right number.

7. I registered late and can’t find my bib number.

When you have registered late it is possible your data is not uploaded in the app. Perhaps there will be a second upload a day before the race.

8. I changed the running distance and can’t find my bib number in the app.

When you have changed the running distance, it is possible that this has not yet been changed in the app. Perhaps there will be a second upload a day before the race.

9. What can I see when using LiveTracking?

LiveTracking gives you the opportunity to follow participants during the race. Intermediate times are shown and you can follow participants real-time during their race.

10. When can I start tracking participants?

You can already start tracking participants before the start of the race.

11. How do I activate GPS tracking?

By entering you bib number and birthdate in the 'share my progress' functionality.

12. How accurate are the participant positions?

The more intermediate points there are, the more accurate LiveTracking is. The bar around the participant shows the accuracy of the current position.

13. Do I need an internet / network connection to follow participants?

To follow participants a working connection is required.

14. How do I get notifications about the person I am following? 

When following a participant via LiveTracking, you can click 'Notify me' to receive push notifications about the athlete you are following. 

15. How does the Leaderboard work? 

Leaderboard is not always available. If available you can access it from the menu or from the LiveTracking tile. It is also possible to switch between different Leaderboards. 

16. Is it possible to see a replay of my own race?

When you want to see a replay of your race, you can go to LiveTracking Replay.

17. The track in the app is different from the track on the event website. Which one is correct?

The track in the app is being uploaded several weeks before the event, it is possible there are being made some changes later on.

18. How can I change km into miles?

The button in the right-hand top corner will lead you to settings. Here you can change the distance units.

19. How can I change the language?

The button in the right-hand top corner will lead you to settings. Here you can change the language.

20. Does the system detect your default language?

The EventApp will first check the language settings of your phone. When the language you have selected is available the EventApp will be opened in your phones language. When this language is not available it will switch to the default language which is set in the Event CMS. 

21. I have a question about the event, where do I go? 

You can contact the race organizer, should you have any questions about the event. 

22. I would like to have an EventApp for my own event. 

Send an email to to receive more information about the EventApp. 



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