7.2 Gunshot assignment

After a race has started you can assign a gunshot to the race. Gunshots are required in case there is no start timeline or when Leaderboard is enabled. 

Gunshots are automatically exported from Timing&Scoring to the EventCMS. If you don't have a automatic gunshot/marker you can also create one manually.


1. Assign gunshot

Click Live! Live Timelines

Click small number in Guns column

Choose options:


  • Guntime - choose between an automatic gunshot (exported from Timing&Scoring) or a manual one
  • Wave - if waves apply to your race, you can assign the gunshot to a specific wave
  • Type of Gunshot - choose whether you want to use this gunshot to change the passings before this gunshot or if you want to use this gunshot for everyone in the race

Click Save

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