6.3.3 Triathlon race configuration

The EventApp and LiveTracking fully support triathlon races. Not only triathlon but also other multisport events such as winter triathlons, run-bike-run or bike-run are supported.

Please note that triathlons are by nature a bit more complex to setup and configure. Take your time and make sure you have configured the triathlon in the EventCMS by the Thursday before race day at latest in case you have questions and want to contact support.

1) Prerequisites

2) Configuration

3) Typical setup

4) Wave starts

5) Import registrations

6) Assign gunshots


1. Prerequisites

  • For triathlon, the race must consists of at least 3 legs with a transition in between (other multisport setups are also supported)
  • The distance in the transition area is ignored but must be more than 0 (suggestion: choose 0.1 km / 0.1 mi)
  • A timeline must be configured before and after each transition area
  • There must be a finish timeline
  • There must be a fake start timeline


2. Configuration

Triathlons (or other multisport setups) are configured by setting up the timelines. Each timeline corresponds with a split and all consecutive timelines of the same sport make up a leg. This means it is not needed to configure the exact leg setup. The system will calculate this for you. On the Timer Setup page this is displayed so you can validate the race setup.

Create New Race 

Select Triathlon / Multisport as type of race

Add Timelines to the race

Choose Sport of next split

  • For each timeline set Sport of next split to the correct sport (start with swimming, followed by transition, cycling, transition and finally running. You can leave this option empty for the finish timeline).
  • When one leg has multiple splits (such a multiple running laps you should set Running on each of the running timelines.

Click Save to save timeline


3. Typical setup

The following is a typical triathlon timeline setup. Please note that each triathlon will have a slightly different setup which is ok, as long as the prerequisites are met.

* Depending on the triathlon setup the start can be an timing mat before jumping in the water or a virtual one that is triggered with a gunshot. In both cases it needs to be configured in the EventCMS.

** Optional timeline, you can have as many splits within a leg as you like. Or leave them out altogether.

Based on this setup the system will automatically deduce the following leg setup:

!! Please note here the decimal separator should be a comma


4. Wave starts

Waves are typically configured for triathlons, because they usually do not have a timeline at the start of the race. Please note that when people start in another wave than indicated, their time might be incorrect (as they might start before the intended gunshot).


5. Import registrations

Registration import works the same as usual, except there are a couple of triathlon specific fields available you can use to improve live tracking estimates:

  • Wave: import registrations in a specific wave
  • ExpectedSwimSpeed: the expected swim speed (converted to km/h)
  • ExpectedBikeSpeed: the expected bike speed (converted to km/h)
  • ExpectedRunSpeed: the expected run speed (converted to km/h)


6. Assign gunshots

Nothing special during the race except you’ll need to set gunshots per wave once they’ve started. Please ensure you select the correct type of gunshot and force everyone to use this virtual timeline as start.


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