8.1 Simulate a Race with Timing & Scoring

If you would like to do a real-life simulation, you can use this manual to set up a (test) race. This is an easy way to ensure all timeline settings are configured correctly and it allows you to practice with live data.  

1) Set up a (test) race

2) Prepare Timing & Scoring

3) Perform live test




1. Set up a (test) race

Go to

Create at least one (test) race

Import (or draw) a course for this race

Create at least two timelines within that race

  • Make sure the location names in Timing&Scoring match with the timeline names in the EventCMS

Before you can start a test event you need to ensure everything is configured correctly. You can do this in the Event CMS Config Timer Setup.


2. Prepare Timing & Scoring

Set up Timing & Scoring, create all your locations

Add an Offline device to all your locations

Select File import device

Click on the Settings tab and click Import read lite file

Download the T&S test data (see Config Timer Setup > scroll to T&S Simulation, right side of page)

Now add the correct Files you have downloaded 

Add exporter and click TCP / IP Exporter

Click small Gear icon to open the Plug-In Settings for TCP/IP Exporter window 

Enter in the IP-address / hostname field

Keep 3097 in the ports field

Ensure Auto Reconnect and Export Markers are both checked

Enter the CMS Credentials (can be found in CMS under Config > Timer set up) in username and password fields

Click Ok to save

Connect the Exporter with the timelines


Please refer to the Timing&Scoring tutorial to get you started.



3. Perform live test

Click Public Site or open your EventApp

Go to Live Tracking

Search for your test participants


Now you’re ready for the real test :-)

Connect the TCP/IP Exporter in T&S

Click rewind on the start location or add real passings

Add Gunshot


Ensure you see the test participant change status in the live-tracking view. This can take up to 15 seconds.


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