7.5 View live status

During a live event, the live timelines view will give you a complete overview of the status of the event.

View the Live Timelines status view

Open the EventCMS and go to the event dashboard. Now select the Live menu and choose Live Timelines.

On this status screen you can see the following information.

  • Status of timelines: the icon before timelines will turn green when it's connected with Timing&Scoring
  • Progress of each race: the progress bar of each race will show how many participants have passed the timeline.
  • Density between splits: during the race you will see the number of participants between timelines.
  • Time of Expected passing: you'll see an estimation of when the first participant is expected to cross a timeline. 
  • Time of last passing: the screen will show you how long ago the last participant is expected to cross a timeline.
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