3.2 Set Up and Manage Promotional Codes

Coupon codes allow participants to register for a discounted price to support your promotions To create a coupon code, select the Configure tab and click Promotional Codes.

By clicking add promotion you will be able to create a new code for a discount, free entry or other promotions. Once you are in the ‘Manage promotion screen’ you can set up the following information:

  • Name: The name you want use for reports, dashboard
  • Code: The code used by the registrant during the registration process
  • Capacity: Maximum number of registrants allowed to use this registration
  • Release date: Date and time that this promo is available for use
  • Expire date: Date and time that this promo will no longer be available
  • Promotion rules: In this section you need to specify in which race and division the promotion is valid.

There are four types of discount available:

  • Discount of amount: Fill in the amount of money which should be subtracted from the total price. For example: if the normal price is $25 and the promotional price should be 20$, then fill in $5
  • Free: This can be used to set up free entries
  • Entry only: Use this if you want to give a participant access to a private race or division. For example if there is a race for professionals or a special division with an limited amount of participants
  • Fixed Price: Fill in the promotional price for the selected race/division you want


Automatically Discount

To give discounts to a specific order or registration type (example - you buy 2 teams or 2 entry tickets, the second is 25% off), follow these steps.

Under ‘Automatically Apply Discount On Payment Screen?’  select Yes.

If this discount is available to the most expensive entry, under ‘Is Not Applicable To Most Expensive Item On This Order?’, select Yes.  If both prices are equal, the discount will automatically apply to the second order.




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