2.7 Set up BIB groups and corrals

Within MYLAPS Registration you are able to create BIB groups and setup corrals easily. If you want to set up BIB groups and numbers you need to first create BIB groups and assign them in the corrals. If you only want to setup corrals, go directly to Set Up Corrals below. To perform these functions, select the Configure tab and click either Bib or Corrals (see image below). With the corral feature you can assign participants to a corral and/or BIBnumber.

Note: you can assign BIB-numbers only once for an event! If you want to assign BIB-numbers multiple times, please contact MYLAPS for the best approach.



Set up BIB groups

Click on Bib under the Configuration tab.  Click Add Bib Group.

In this menu you are able to create different bib groups. To create a bib group fill in the following information:

  • Bib group name: for example 10k or marathon
  • Primary bib range: If left blank, no maximum will be set
  • (Optional) Secondary Bib Range Start – End: If left blank, no maximum will be set. 


Assign participants to BIB-number

Click on Corrals under the Configuration Tab.  Click Add Corral.

If you have created the BIB groups you can assign them by using the corral-functionality. For each bib group you need to create a corral. Click on 'add corral' and a pop-up (see image below) will open. 

Fill in the requested information (pace can be empty) and select the bibgroup that needs to be assigned. Repeat this for all bibgroups you need. 

Set up corrals

Click on Corrals under the Configuration Tab.  Click Add Corral.

The corral functionality support a custom setup. If you have multiple corrals for a specific category and/or race you can assign participants to different corrals based on the following criteria:

  • Pace 
  • Custom fields
  • Products
  • Race category

To use this, click on 'add corral'. Fill in the requested information like we described above. If you want to create a specific corral for the fastest (or slowest) participants you can set a minimum and maximum for the pace. Save this corral and you can continue to configure it. After the corral has been saved, click on configure to customize the corral. Within the menu (see image below) you can set up criteria for the corral. If a participants fits within one of the criteria he/she will be assigned to specific corral. If not, he/she will be assigned to the next corral. Once the corral is setup, you can assign the participants to corral. 

Assign BIB numbers and Corrals

Click on Corrals under the Configuration Tab.  Click Assign Wizard.

If you have done the setup you are ready to assign the corrals. Click in the corral menu on 'assign wizard'. You will get an overview of all corrals, what the population is and how many participants are assigned within a specific corral. If this is okay, click on 'assign registration to corrals' and you're done. Each participant's has a BIB number which is visible in the participants portal and in the overview for event organizers.



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