2.4 Set up (individual) registration

Setup a race

Once you have created an event, you need to create races for the event. A race is a distance within an event, for example within the event you have several races (5k or 10k or marathon). If the race has only one distance, you have to create just one race.


By clicking the button add race you will see a menu where you have to fill in the following information:

  • Public race name: Full in name of the race, for example 10k, half marathon or marathon
  • Short race name: Short version of race name used for reports, export lists, etc. (max 15 charaters)
  • Race date


  • Maximum participants: if blank there will be no maximum (optional)
  • Expected participants: if blank there will be no expectation (optional)
  • Maximum minutes for expected race (optional)
  • Mylaps EventManager Race Id (to connect with other applications)

Save all the information to proceed to set up categories within a race

Set up (individual) categories

Within a race you can set up several categories. This can be used if you want to set up price differences within a race. In each race you can create as many categories as you want. Note that a category is presented in the registration form and is not meant to be used to group participants by age groups or gender. A category is only used for price differences.

To set up a team category, please read chapter 5.


By clicking the button add category you will see a menu where you can fill in the following information:

  • Category name: Race category a registrant would select, i.e. Adults, children or age group if there is a price difference. For (corporate)teams use team division see chapter 5 for further explanation
  • Set up the time from which date subscriptions start and end.
  • Fill in the entry price (transaction fee will be filled in automatically)

 Optional (features)

  • VAT (%)
  • Ledger code: This can be used for internal financial administration
  • Help text: If necessary you can add help text for further explanation about the category
  • Minimum and maximum age
  • Maximum participants: If left blank, no maximum will be set
  • Allow transfer: Registrant can transfer entry to another person. If enabled you can fill in the cutoff date and what the transerfee is. 
  • Allow switch to another race: Enable this if you want allow participants to switch another race. The switch fee will always be on top of the difference of the amount of the races. If zero, than only the switch fee will be charged.
  • Allow registrant self-service: Allow registrants to manage their own registration (self-service).
  • Private: Private Division, Registrants can only enter on invitation
  • Enable Self Service Product Store: Allow registrants to order additional products after completing their registration.
  • Allow gifts: Allow registrants to purchase an entry-ticket as a gift for his friends
  • Expo Mode: Click this box when you want this category available on the day itself without payment. A registrant can only pay by cash at a teller. When you enable this, from that moment participants can register without payment. More information about Expo modus can be found here
  • Require USAT Membership: Registrants are required to either log in with their existing USAT membership or purchase a new USAT membership

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