10.7 Definitions



Event account

Overview of events within your account

Account name

An account name is the name of your event


An edition is for example the Boston Marathon which includes several races (marathon, half marathon or 10k) for a specific year. If you want to create a new edition of the event, you should create it in editions


A race is a distance within an event. Within the event you have several races  (5k, 10k or marathon)


Within a race you can set up several categories. This can be used if you have price differences within the same race. For example: in a 5K Race, to distinguish between the adult ($20) and the kids category ($10)

Event setup

This is the dashboard where you manage your basic information and set up new races for your event


In this menu you are able to set up donations, sell merchandising or clothing

Custom questions

In this menu you are able to create custom questions during registration

Promotional codes

In this menu you can set up promotional offers, for example discount or free entries into your event

Registration Race menu

You will find all participants of an event in the race menu. In this menu you can export, manage or edit participants' information.

Registration Expo menu

If the expo mode is on, you will find those that registered at an expo or offsite here. You can add the chip code, bib number and validate if the participant has already paid.

Registration Teams menu

In this menu you can find all the information about teams who registered in the event

Bib groups

In this menu you can create bib groups. After creating Bib groups you can connect those with race divisions


In this menu you will find the monthly (financial) statements. In these statement you will see an overview of all transactions, refunds and donations.


If you want to make a refund, please ask your Mylaps account manager for more information

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