7.2 Manage expo modus on site

During the day of the event you can use the expo mode to prevent long queues in the expo.

For the expo modus the expo should have an internet connection and at least one laptop, computer or tablet. To Manage expo mode on site. Select the Race tab and click on Expo 

  • In the queue at the expo, participant(s) can scan the QR code or visit the website and start signing up on their mobile phone.
  • The participant receive a confirmation e-mail with a register number.
  • With the number the cashier can validate the registration (#1 in picture below)

  • After participants completed the flow, they will need to go to the Expo desk. The cashier can search by the registration number or name and click on edit (#2 in picture above).
  • The cashier can fill in the information (bib-number or chipcode), collects the fee and checks the box if the participant had paid by which method. If all variables are filled in correctly, the participants is moved from 'Expo' to 'Race'.


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