7.1 Set up Expo modus

Expo modus is a registration flow which makes it very easy to register for participants without actual payment. This modus can be used if the payment is made on the location or can be used for expo-registration. 

The differences between a normal category and Expo-mode are:

  • Participants doesn't have to login during the registration process
  • You can register one person per registration flow(there is no add another registration possible)
  • If there are no products and/or promocodes attached to Expo modus category it skips a screen
  • The payment will be done without the system

Set up Expo modus

To create the expo mode the best way is to set up a new division in each race. In chapter 2.4 it is explained how to create a new category in a race. The setup of a expo mode is the same as for a normal category except the following setting:

  • Tick the box of the expo mode, so a participant doesn’t have to go through the payment screen.

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