5.2 Set up a (business) team, flex teams and groups

(Business) Teams, Flex teams and groups have different settings and have a different flow. Within your event you can have several races (for example a 5k, 10k and a marathon) and within a race you can create teams and/or groups. The setup of Flex Teams is slightly different, which will explained below

Setup (business) teams or groups

  • To set up a business team or groups select the race  
  • Click on add Team Division in the manage race page(see picture below)

  • Fill in the following information:
    • Team division name
    • Team Captain Action: Label for the captain division. This label is appended to the division name:g. Create a Team
    • Team member action: Label for the member division. This label is appended to the division name:g. Join a Team
    • Allow team captain to their product delivery preference
    • Allow payment by invoice 
    • Maximum team size: select the number of members (at least 2, maximum can be 500) is allowed in a team
    • Maximum order size: How many teams can be ordered within a single transaction
    • Set up the time from which date subscriptions start and end 
    • Prices: what's the price for creating and joining
    • Fill in the entry price (transaction fee will be filled in automatically). Note: the price is for the entire team, not per participant.

Optional (features)

  • VAT%: this is noted on statements and invoices
  • Ledger number: this can be used for the financial administration of the organisation.
  • Help text: If necessary you can add help text for further explanation about the division
  • Minimum and maximum age
  • Maximum teams: If max is reached, category won't be visible. If left blank, no maximum will be set
  • Allow transfer: Team captains can transfer a team to another person
  • Allow registrant self-service: Allow registrant self-service
  • Private: Private Division, Registrants can only enter on invitation
  • Enable Self Service Product Store: Allow registrants to order additional products after completing their registration.
  • Enable 'add another registration: Allow more than one registration in one checkout transaction
  • Allow gifts: Allow registrants to purchase an entry-ticket as a gift for his friends
  • Expo Mode: Tick this box when you want the division available on the day itself. A registrant can only pay by cash at a teller.
  • Require USAT Membership: Registrants are required to either log in with their existing USAT membership or purchase a new USAT membership

Setup Flex Teams

The setup for flex team is slightly different than for regular teams or groups. If you want to enable flex teams you need to the following steps (see image below):

  • Enable 'This is a flex team'
  • Fill in the minimum and maximum number of participants 
  • Minium order size can be set from the event settings. This means the number of participants that could be bought in the first transaction. The default is 0.
  • Entry fee: this is calculated from the 'create a team' divived by the maximum number of participants. See example in the image below:
    If the registration fee is €10 per participants and the maximum number of participants is 10, the price should be €100.


Enable Teamlayout

If you have multiple team/group option over multiple races, your first registration page could be very long and ineffective. For this we can enable 'Team Layout' in the event settingscreen. Change the setting to Yes to enable this (see image below). 

This setting will seperate the teams and individual categories. On the first step of the form you will see 2 extra buttons: 'Create a Team' and 'Join a Team' (see image below). Below are all individual categories listed. If you choose one of the two team options, the categories which are open will be listed.



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