Apn and other modem settings

The Integrator can be connected to internet via an USB modem or wired ethernet. Click 'here' to find out how to switch from USB modem to wired ethernet.

If you select USB modem you need to configure additional APN settings.

APN settings

Click the Internet menu item and select the Connection tab to switch to USB modem. After that, click the Modem tab.

SIM cards of different providers require different APN settings. Available options to configure:

  • APN name: Google the name of your provider followed by APN to find the correct settings
  • PIN code
  • Username + password

Common settings:

  • Truphone: APN =, PIN = <empty>
  • KPN: APN =, PIN = 0000

Note: although the system tells you to restart after every change this is not always actually required.

Click save to confirm.


Click Restart menu and confirm by clicking the Restart button.


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