Embed photos and videos in custom result pages

We recommend to use our free EventResults platform to show the results. This way the photos and videos are automatically included inline in the results for optimal viewing experience.

However, it is also possible to embed the photos/videos on your event website or result platform. We also offer an embed widget for your website to allows participants to search for their personal photos/videos.

Go to config -> PhotoVideo and click Publish. Unfold the option you would want to use to see the code, which you can embed on your website. It is possible to customize the options to your liking.

Link to photos and videos

You can link to personal photos either by bib or chipcode. Because bibs are not guaranteed to be unique within an event we strongly recommend to link using the chipcodes.

The format of the url is:

Options in the url:

  • showvideo: true/false to show/hide personal videos (when available)
  • showphoto: true/false to show/hide personal photos (when available)
  • allowsearch: true/false to show/hide a search box to allow visitors to search for a particpant. Use this option if you can't link directly to a chipcode or bib. 
  • chipcode: 7-digit chipcode
  • bib: the bib number (up to 5 digits). Use only if chipcode is not known.
  • groupid: 2-digit groupid. Use only if you use the bib field and have a different groupid than '00'.

Embed widget

You can include a small widget on your website to allow visitors to search for their photos directly from your website. To use this embed this iframe in your website:

<iframe src="" width="400" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Options in the code:

  • skin: dark or light
  • width: the width of the widget
  • height: the height of the widget
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