Photo overlays

An overlay is a transparent picture which will be added on top of another picture. You can use it to create sponsor value by adding sponsor logos at the top.

Upload overlay

Go to config -> PhotoVideo and click overlays.

You can upload in landscape and/or portrait mode. We will use the best fitting image when placing overlays. If you add sponsor logos to the overlay, please keep them at the top. When you match the photos the overlays will automatically be placed over the picture.

Overlay size table

Overlay type Ratio Size
MYLAPS camera 16:9 2000x1125 pixels
Pro shot (landscape) 3:2 2000x1333 pixels
Pro shot (portrait) 2:3 1333x2000 pixels

It is NOT possible to change the overlays after you published the photos. So always let the event and sponsor verify the overlays before race day!


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