Upload photos

It is possible to upload photos from two sources:

  • Upload photos from the Integrator(s)
  • Upload photos from professional photographers

Upload from Integrator

Connect the Integrator to the internet and uploading will start automatically. See article 'switch between USB modem and wired ethernet' for instructions to connect the Integrator to the internet. We recommend an upload speed of 10 to 20 mbit/s to upload high resolution photos over a wired internet connection.

Upload from 3rd party photographers

It is important to always create a new Photo Camera device for each professional photographer. This allows you to configure time offsets for each camera independently.

Go to Config -> PhotoVideo and click on the camera link. Click 'upload a file' or drag and drop photos. Overlays and thumbnails will be generated automatically. You can drop a bunch of photos in one go.

Please note, Apple doesn't allow iPhone camera shots to be uploaded directly (important meta information is stripped out). Please sync them to your mac first and upload from there.

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