Battery Life and Power Saving Tips

Battery life

The duration of the battery life of the Integrator depends on the usage.

Configuration Operation time
1 camera About 5.5 hours
2 cameras About 3.5
No cameras ??? hours

External power source

We advise to always connect the Integrator with a external power source to ensure stable operation. If a power socket is not available you can use a car battery. Cables to connect the car battery to the Integrator are included in the PhotoVideo package.

Power saving tips

  • If you set up the Integrator and cameras at the timeline location 1 or 2 hours before the start of the event, it is possible to save battery life by disconnecting the cameras and turning off the Integrator until +/- 15 minutes before start of the event or first expected passing. Simply unplugging the ethernet cables will make a huge difference.
  • During the event you can save battery life by turning off the Integrator and disconnecting the cameras if you know for sure that there will be no passings in the coming +/- 1 hour, for example.
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