5.8 ChampionChip Timing System Live Tracking Limitations

If you are using MYLAPS ChampionChip Timing systems to run LiveTracking, you should take a couple of things into account and act if required. 

1) Start date

2) Midnight transitions

3) Decoder will be moved between locations


1. Start date

The EventCMS ignores the dates it receives from ChampionChip devices and will instead use the current local date. This is due to ChampionChip devices which do not have a date stamp and use the T&S file date instead. 


2. Midnight transitions

Midnight transitions are no problem to handle as the current local internet time is used instead of the T&S file date stamp. 



3. How to use the same Ear/decoder on multiple locations

For now you need to right click and select Disconnect on the tcp/ip exporter every time you move a decoder between locations. This is because we scan the decoders on connection and when you move a decoder it counts as a different encoder/location combination. When we rescan we discover it’s a ChampionChip decoder and will ignore the date part again.

Open Timing & Scoring

Right mouse click TCP/IP Exporter

Click Disconnect

  • Repeat this action each time you move a ChampionChip decoder between locations. 



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