Is it possible to link to a specific language?

Yes, you can from your website or social media channel to land on a specific language.  Follow these steps below:

    • Language codes:
      • English (US)                                        en-US
      • German                                               de-DE
      • Dutch                                                    nl-NL
      • French                                                  fr-FR
      • Italian                                                    it-IT
      • Korean                                                 ko-KR
      • Russian                                                 ru-RU
      • Chinese (simplified)                                zh-CN
      • Spanish (Latin America)                         es-ES
      • Turkish                                                 tr-TR
      • English (UK)                                        en-GB
      • Swedish                                               sv-SE
      • Norwegian                                          nn-NO
      • Finnish                                                  fi-FI
      • Japanese                                             ja-JP
      • Arabic                                                   ar-LB
      • Croatia                                                  hr-HR
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