9.1 Upload your Event Results to MYLAPS Sporthive

Make your results instantly available after the event on our free of charge results platform. Our mobile friendly platform is fully customizable to your own look and feel. For multi sport events we have the free of charge MultiSport EventResults available with detailed insights per sport.

1) Upload Event Results from the Event CMS

2) Upload Event Results from Scoring

3) Upload Event Results using the API


>> Visit MYLAPS Sporthive

>> Visit AJ Bell London Triathlon 2016



1. Upload Event Results from the Event CMS

Go to

Click Start

Log in to your existing organization account or create a new organization account

Click Create an event

Select functionality your want to use

  • EventApp + Live Tracking + Results (paid)
  • Live Tracking + Results (paid)
  • Results (Free)

Go through the quick start wizard

Save and submit your form to MYLAPS

Customize your EventResults website

Click Races Results

Upload a .csv or .xlsx file 

Select your preferences 

Upload your Results

  • If you change something in the CMS after you have done an upload (For example the race name, or certificate), you should select Config Only in the Result type bar to upload the new CMS config on your Results page. 

Results sample files: 


2. Upload Event Results from Scoring (Timing & Scoring)

Open your T&S event file

Add Results Exporter

Create Overall Results

  • It is not allowed to use filters or results grouping
  • Country, Gender and some other fields are not supported at the moment. This will be added in one of our next updates. 


Click Upload Results

Select Overall Results to upload to MYLAPS Sporthive


Check Event Info

  • Verify Event date
  • Verify Event city & country

Please note: If you already prepared a Results page in the Event CMS, you need to copy the event id and token to upload your new results to the same URL. If you don't copy the event id and token, the system will automatically create a new url and this cannot be changed afterwards! 


Click Upload

Your Results website is ready!

Please note: You will need to save the event file, to keep the event id and token! Otherwise the system does not save your url! 

If you upload your results via Scoring you have a limited set of options. You will need to create an Event CMS page to have all the options availabe. 


3. Upload Event Results using the API

We also have an API available which can be used to upload results from your own results software to the MYLAPS Sporthive platform. Please contact our support team ( for more information.

Update: this API is no longer actively offered. Our support can help you with possible alternatives.



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